What’s this about then?

Been talking about doing my own personal blog for a while now. Got loads of ideas but never got round to doing it. Bit scared I suppose. Been writing blogs for groups for a couple of years but a personal one is different. This isn’t just news, this is how I feel. I cant hide behind a group position, this is my position, with all its flaws, problems, and inconsistancies.

I’ve been given confidence by having some more… “challenging” conversations recently. Chanllenging myself, and others, and I’ve had a positive response. Maybe I’ve finally been milling around the activist scene in this city long enough to be confident in my view point. More importantly though, I’ve learnt how to be wrong, how to deal with people calling my out, how to take on board what other people say, and, where appropriate, change.

This blog will have little discussion topics based around things I’ve been thinking, talked about, seen or read. Maybe some of them with spark off your own conversations, thoughs and debate. I hope so, that would be great! Leave comments too.

Take Care, x