On Suicide and Activism

This article was copied from the National Union of Students  website and written by Hannah Paterson. I have chosen to re-blog it as it covers an important topic

A message to all activists

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and it’s got me thinking about all the people across the movement who we have lost too soon. I wrote the below blog after the death of a prevalent activist in Manchester last year but the message still remains strong and is one that should be talked about on a regular basis. This topic of suicide is one that is not spoken about enough but it impacts so heavily on those within community circles and these situations often throw into light the importance of looking after yourself and those around you.

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A Letter on Consent

I wrote this for the first issue of “The Westcountry Mutineer” a new radical tabloid OUT NOW!

Dear F***ckers,

You may well be aware of the ongoing news story of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and allegations of a sexual assault in Sweden. It’s big news right now as the case has been somewhat complicated by concerns that if he faces questioning over the case in Sweden he may then be sent on to the U.S.A. regarding his website leaking a load of really important information that has pissed off America no end. On top of this Assange has attempted to prove his innocence by trying to run away to Ecuador.

It seems every one who has (but probably shouldn’t be allowed) access to the internet has had their say on what should happen to Assange. This includes everyone’s least favourite Saddam Hussein-stroking, cat impressionist, Big Brother evictee, M.P. George Galloway. Continue reading

Facilitation and Accessibility at Meetings – St Imier Anarchist Gathering 2012

While at the International Anarchist Gathering in St Imier in Switzerland, a group formed to deal with the issues around accessibility, privilege and creation of safer spaces. Unfortunately such a major area seemed to have been completely overlooked buy the organisers of the event and the groups that formed spontaneously did a great job of trying their best to rectify the problems where they could.

I was kindly asked to give a brief summary of how a facilitator can help with accessibility and dealing with privilege in a meeting environment, at an open emergency meeting that the group called. About 150 or so people attended. This is not a how to on facilitation, if you want that I recommend looking on the seeds for change website as those guys are great and have some top resources available.
This was simply a brief overview and is transcribed below.

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