There is no anarchism without feminism

I feel this is worthy of a re-blog. As a side note, I had been invited to co-facilitate the consent workshop mentioned. I was not able to attend but was meant to send along an updated version of my workshop zine, unfortunately I never did. The zine has a list of guidlines including not blocking the way out. Wish I’d sent it now, but I guess not blocking the way out is obvious. I believe the intention was acctually to stop peole coming in (a problem I experinece in the workshop I facilitated) but I think a “No Entry” notice on the door would have done that rather than someone in the way of people wantying to leave. After I did my workshop I benefited form constructive criticism. I hope to speak to the facilitators of the London wokshop and use thier feedback and that of others who attended to improve on the structure and learn form mistakes so a better job can be done next time.

Left at the Lights

I’d never been to bookfair before. I was very excited to be attending; had been looking forward to looking at books and collecting badges and I knew everyone I loved would be there. Not a lot of that happened though. I went home with two badges (the best two badges there in my opinion ‘my body is my business’ and ‘keep your rosaries of my ovaries’) and a stiff body and sore throat.

Within an hour of arriving we had to face the dreaded white man from down under. I’d heard there was some drama at last year’s bookfair but my memory isn’t the best so had forgotten the details apart from the fact that he was a misogynist and had upset some of our fem bloc. Well, it was clear to see and hear why this might have been. Stood on a bench he was spouting the usual Assange…

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