Statement on the SWP and its Rape Apologism

I’ve re-bloged this to state that the SWP will not be welcome at any event I jointly or partly organise. I would also support them being made to leave any even I was not directly involved with organising.

Bristol Anarchist Federation

People may be aware of the allegations of a cover-up of sexual assault and rape within the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), and the subsequent repression of SWP members who questioned it. Anarchist Federation members and other comrades in Manchester and Glasgow were man-handled & attacked when they confronted SWP leaders over their rape apologism. The SWP has not spoken out against these assaults carried out by its supporters.

Bristol Anarchist Federation has always had strong political, theoretical and tactical disagreements with the Socialist Workers Party, however we have sometimes worked alongside them on broader campaigns.

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An infestation of SWP leeches

On Getting Councelling

Yesterday I had by first councelling session. It’s been something some people have suggested I get before. Well no, my family suggest I “see a doctor” so maybe I could “get some tablets”. What is it with resorting to pills first? They tell me that I may have depression. Funny that, I don’t feel depressed, I just feel like everything is fucked, and I’m pretty sure it is! That’s not depression that’s disillusionment. And why are the only options normal or depressed or mentally ill? What if I’m none of those things? What if “normal” is nothing more than a social construct? Continue reading

Men Against Patriarchy (Pt1)

Last night I went to the newly re-formed Men Against Patriarchy discussion and support group in Bristol. I came away feeling very positive about how it went and feel like sharing some of the points that came out of it. Of course, everything said in the meeting is held in confidence within the group so hear I’m just going over the general themes and ideas that came out of that discussion.

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There is no anarchism without feminism

I feel this is worthy of a re-blog. As a side note, I had been invited to co-facilitate the consent workshop mentioned. I was not able to attend but was meant to send along an updated version of my workshop zine, unfortunately I never did. The zine has a list of guidlines including not blocking the way out. Wish I’d sent it now, but I guess not blocking the way out is obvious. I believe the intention was acctually to stop peole coming in (a problem I experinece in the workshop I facilitated) but I think a “No Entry” notice on the door would have done that rather than someone in the way of people wantying to leave. After I did my workshop I benefited form constructive criticism. I hope to speak to the facilitators of the London wokshop and use thier feedback and that of others who attended to improve on the structure and learn form mistakes so a better job can be done next time.

Left at the Lights

I’d never been to bookfair before. I was very excited to be attending; had been looking forward to looking at books and collecting badges and I knew everyone I loved would be there. Not a lot of that happened though. I went home with two badges (the best two badges there in my opinion ‘my body is my business’ and ‘keep your rosaries of my ovaries’) and a stiff body and sore throat.

Within an hour of arriving we had to face the dreaded white man from down under. I’d heard there was some drama at last year’s bookfair but my memory isn’t the best so had forgotten the details apart from the fact that he was a misogynist and had upset some of our fem bloc. Well, it was clear to see and hear why this might have been. Stood on a bench he was spouting the usual Assange…

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Accounting for Ourselves – A Review and Interview

I found this and decided to reblog it. Recently I was involved in a discussion group where the subject was Crimethinc’s pamphlet “Accounting for ourselves – Breaking the impasse around assault and abuse in Anarchist scenes”. The discussion started out slow as it often does with sensitive subjects such as this. After a while we moved on to how we could practically address issues around accountability and safer spaces within our community. We decided to contiue to meet as a reading group with the end goal of producing a new accountability process and safer spaces policy for our local Anarchist social centre, Kebele, in Bristol.

We decided to split in to smaller groups and read texts relating to these subjects and use these to inform our progression towards our aim when we next met. The next texts we are reading are “As if they were human. – A different take on perpertrator accountability” and “The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Partner Abuse in Activist Communities”. There was some talk along with some sub-consious nods and winks about the (re)formation of a mens/ all gender anti-patriarchy/ pro feminist group, we will see where it goes.
Anybody is welcome to come along and get involved in the reading group. Here is a review of the Accounting For Ourselves pamphlet along with an interview with thye Crimethinc collective from May this year.

Aid & Abet

6bAccounting for Ourselves – A Review and Interview

How do restorative and transformative justice processes work in practice?

In April, the anarchist collective CrimethInc published a new pamphlet critiquing accountability processes and suggesting ways forward. “Accounting for Ourselves” is not an introduction to accountability processes, nor to the concepts of restorative or transformative justice, but an attempt to evaluate the current implementation of these concepts in political subcultures.

My interest in this topic has come from participating and supporting friends and comrades in this work over the last ten or so years. Accountability processes attempt to put many of my values into practice—mutual aid, respect, direct action, a DIY ethic, an acknowledgement that “crime,” safety, harm, and support are complex. Accountability processes haven’t been a perfect solution, however, and many of the participants I know have left these processes frustrated. At the same time, a lot of the…

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“I Think You Hate Me”

Telling my partner that I thought she hated me was a really odd thing for me to have to do. It’s not the first time I’ve felt that someone I cared about didn’t like me, it seems like quite a regular occurrence. This is different to concerns that a partner is cheating or something, I find it quite funny, all these people who are constantly spying on their partners and getting upset if they are friends with anyone they might be attracted to. This is not something that ever worries me.

For me, it appears the more I care about someone the more time I spend convincing myself they hate me or they otherwise want to hurt me.

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I’m Doing a Workshop at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

I’m going to be hosting a workshop on consent at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday April 20th. The event starts at 11am and my workshop it the last of the day at 5pm in the “Room with a view” on the first floor of the building (there’s a lift and stairs). Apparently there’s enough space for about 20 or so people.

I’m working on a Zine to hand out to everyone who goes plus make it available before and after. It’s not quite finished yet but here’s the Introduction, which may be useful to you if you are thinking coming along.

UPDATE: The complete zine is now done and online. It’s not pretty, maybe I will make it look better in the future, maybe I wont. Readable format. Printable Format.


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Internet Killed The Radio Star

So another high street store looks like it’s going to bite the dust, HMV has called in the administrators. Then just the next day Blockbuster has followed suit. I couldn’t be bothered to change the music themed title I’d already come up with though, there was probably a pun in there about the bust in blockbusters but I’ll leave that to the BBC. …Oh, yeah, yeah they’ve gone with it, smooth!


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Guns Don’t Kill People – But It Helps!

On gun control, mental health & society


After the recent killings the social networking universe has of course of late been full of calls for tighter gun control in the USA. Apart from the standard “but it’s our right” argument, another take has been those calling for better mental health care. This of course has led the reactionary attacks from those who say there is no link between gun crime and mental health.


This is true, there is no clear link according to my admittedly quick scan through the abstracts of some peer reviewed papers on the subject. On the other hand we all know statistics and “scientific reviews” often aren’t worth the paper they are written on.


I do agree with calls for tighter gun control, the USA has pretty slack gun laws and also has a ridiculous number of gun-related deaths.

Is everyone who shoots someone dead suffering from mental health problems? Absolutely not. Is everyone who goes on a killing spree in a junior school or cinema suffering from mental health problems? Well, you’ve got to wonder.

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